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Steadicam Lecture at Zagreb University

This is a huge blast from the past!!! :)

This lecture happened on 20th of January 2006. Yes ten years ago. :)

I was a Lecturer at The Academy Of Dramatic Arts at the Zagreb University, about a subject "Steadicam,... how to operate it, and use it in a modern day Production". The Lecture was attended by Undergraduate and Graduate Cinematography students.

I was especially proud when my Mentor, dr. art. Enes Midžić, was trying my rig,

...and yeah, I was kind of giving some tips!? :))) To my professor!! :))) It was very interesting, that a huge interest was shown by our female colleagues, which wasn't such a case on other Steadicam Workshops:

..but of course, everyone was enjoying the time spent with Artemis Cine/HD rig:

photo by © Mario Kokotovic

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