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The Proaim Magnus is the most Compact, Portable and Lightweight Camera Rickshaw on the Market! Perfect for 3-Axis Camera Gimbals, Handheld & Steadicam-type tracking shots with an onboard operator. This Very Steady Rickshaw works best when you can't lay a track but you need to follow the subject smoothly. It enables the operator and/or camera to be pushed or pulled by a grip to facilitate complex tracking shots, on different terrains.
Made of Solid Aluminum for durability and strength, it takes payload up to 150kg/330lb.

It includes a height-adjustable seat with front-to-back positioning, and a safety belt to keep the operator secure. 2 Adjustable footrests reduce pressure on the operator's legs and offer comfortable long hours shooting. The adjustable push/pull bar tilts 90°, allowing the grip to push or pull the rickshaw in multiple configurations. The Front wheel axle telescopes outward for a wider stance & stability for different loads.Two swiveling small Jockey wheels create a smooth path with stable performance; run in any direction - straight, left/right or circular. The Jockey wheels are removable, if required.

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