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Igor was born in 1973, in Pula/Croatia (Ex-Yugoslavia), where he finished elementary school and highschool.


In 1994 he was accepted at the Academy of Dramatic Art at the Zagreb University, and he has a Magister of Arts (MA) degree, in Film and TV Cinematography, from October of 2000. Igor's garduating work at the Academy of Drama Arts, were a short film "The Death of the Seals (2000)" and detailed and well researched essay "Digital Darkroom".


While studying at the Academy, Igor worked as a photographer for many Croatian magazines and newspapers (ST-Ekskluziv, Studio, Delta, Jutarnji List, ...). His photographs where regularly published in the newspapers of "Europa Press Hollding". He had his photographs exhibited three times. Once on his own (Istrian club-Zagreb), and twice whit a group of artists (SC-gallery). In that point of his career, he worked as camera operator for many TV shows, and a on many sporting events.


In 1998 Igor attended a Documentary Film Workshop, at the Imagenary Academy in Groznjan, Croatia.


In 2001 he became a member of Film Makers Association of Croatia.


In 2001 he became a owner of his first camera professional stabilization system, Glidecam V-16, and started to work as steadicam (glidecam) operator. Igor made many modifications on his first rig, and some of them were quite unique at that time, so he was asked to write an article about those modification he made. This article, with detaild pictures of modifications, was published in a book "Modyfing a Glidecam V16" by Charls King.


From 2002 till 2004, he is writeing about digital photography. In a Croatian Practical Photography magazine, FOTOmag, he had his own column "Digi Škola - Digital School"


In 2002 he started to work as teacher in cinematography and web design at the summer workshops for child mine victims, which is held in Rovinj, Croatia!


In 2003, beside cinematography and web design, Igor also established a photography workshop, which was especially good taken by this young kids! The summer workshops were organized by Croatian Mine Victims' Association


From 2005 Igor is a member of Croatian Freelance Artists' Association.


At the end of 2005, Igor became a owner of another Camera Stabilization System, Sachtler Artemis Cine. Now, with two rigs in his ownership, there is no stedicam requirment that he can't fulfill.


In 2006, he became a member of Steadicam Operators Association.


The same year, in January, at the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb, Igor was a teacher on Steadicam Seminar for the Cinematography students.


April 2006, Igor was an Teacher/Assistent, togather with Mr. Curt O. Schaller, at Steadicam Workshop in Munich, Germany.


In september 2006, Igor became a owner of his third rig. Sachtler Artemis EFP. With two steadicam operators working with him, and three complate camera stabilization systems in his ownership, there is no steadicam production need that he can't provide!!!


In 2008, Sachtler decided to publish a story about Igor's work on the official Sachtler's website, under title "Made With Sachtler".


In 2010, Igor was interviwed for a Croatian LifeStyle Magazine "Ljepota & Zdravlje". "Master Of Atracrive Shots" was the name of the story.

"Fashion Portal Hippy Garden", in 2013 published a interview with Igor -
Director of Photography, and Steadicam professional

In 2013, Igor was invited by MBC to join their production company O3 Productions in Dubai, where he woked as Director of Photography and Steadicam Operator, on numeros TV series.


In 2019, Igor acquired ARRI Trinity. 5 axis professional camera stabilising system.

In 2021, Transvideo published an interview  with Igor. An extensive coverage of Igor's carrier till this days. On the occasion of 20th Artemis Anniversary,  ARRI and Film and Digital Times quoted Igor about his experience as one of the first Artemis operators. Igor's Trinity work was included in Official ARRI TRINITY Showreel for 2021.

In 2022, Igor was one of the five operators chosen by ARRI to attend the revel of ARRI Trinity 2 and ARRI Artemis 2. Same year he became the owner of the first production units of Trinity 2 and Artemis 2.

In 2023 Igor became a certified Artemis 2 and Trinity 2 trainer.

Igor is a freelance DOP, ARRI Trinity and Steadi Operator/Owner, based between Zagreb - Craotia and DUBAI - UAE, but willing to travel anywhere. (Holder of  Croatian Passport - EU, Schengen , and U.S. B1/B2 visa)


Fluent in English and Italian language. Arabic language, limited working proficency.


More info about Igor, can be found at the Internet Movie Database, at his LinkedIn page, or you can download Igor's CV.

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