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I met Igor in 2013, when the filming of a “Cactus Alliance” an MBC production TV Series started. Igor was Director of Photography and Steadicam Operator.

He worked fast, smart and patiently. His skills as a cinematographer seem to come from an innate place. He is always willing to offer collaborative suggestions when needed, but is also able to step back and follow the Director’s cinematographic vision, when is needed.

His steadicam shots were very important during the series. A lot of them were a background for main actors voice-overs, and with his subtle and almost like dolly tracking moves, this voice-overs gain a bigger impact to the story.

Igor's artistic and human sensibility and thoughtful nature compliment his technical expertise perfectly, making him a pleasure to work with on even the most challenging shoot. With years of experience behind the camera, Igor's sharp eye for detail and quality, at every stage of production, put him in a rare category of film professionals.

I also know of his work with other company members who also expressed admiration to his dedication to the projects, his abilities and teamwork with other people. He is a serious dedicated professional.

I have enjoyed working with Igor and we always had a good collaborative and creative relationship.


Jose Maria Caro
Director / Producer



From the very beginnings of his education (Academy of Drama Arts / Zagreb University), Igor Savatović recommended himself by his extraordinary diligence, methodical work, talent and desire to broaden his knowledge.

Igor, as an artist, has delicate and subtle feeling for the form and content, which results with the high standards in every genre he films. After the graduation at the Academy of Drama Arts, he started to develop his skills through Feature Films, TV series of different genres, Music videos and TVC’s, as DOP, and as steadicam operator. He is not influenced in his work by any trends or fashions. All of his work has always a specific approach of the author's perspective with a strong authentic expression.

Igor Savatović as a teacher, through his workshops and lectures in Steadicam Operating and Cinematography, always showed a strong desire to transfer his new insights and experiences to the students.

Therefore, I do strongly believe that anyone who works with Igor, would broaden their production values from his competence as a cinematographer, and would have a competent teacher for eventual personnel trainings.

Human and artistic qualities, investigating impulse, scientific and professional curiosity, hard working, dedication and positively directed ambition – all these guarantees that Igor will be perfect choice for any upcoming project.

Igor is a pleasant and communicative collaborator who knows how to listen, give and take. He is interested in developing his own skills and opening out to other cultures, and, further, he would contribute a great deal from his own culture and experience. I am sure that Igor will be a great contributor to any of eventual projects you may have.


dr. art. Enes Midžić,

full professor

University of Zagreb, Academy of Dramatic Art



I worked with Igor on my previous job on Nova TV, Croatian biggest national TV station. As as professional Igor is dedicated person who like changes. His creative and technical perspective is setup to solve problems and deliver best footage using best of his knowledge. Having Igor on a set means, not just having job done, getting exactly what you had i mind and little bit more.


Davor Anić




I know Igor for a very long time and we worked a lot together on many various projects. Igor gets into the details and makes every job seem like it is the most important job on earth. When it comes to prep, he never stops thinking and is always available with new ideas. On the shoot, he is focused and fast. Also he understand each story and concept which makes him a great collaborator.
Igor is more that a great DP, he is creative, adaptable, reliable, working with him is a pleasure, and I would always recommend him.


Sanja Damjanović


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