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Arm for sale. Carbon fiber arm, comes with 30kg (66lb)arm springs. 30 kg springs are new and Arm was tuned in ARRI/Munich in August last year. After that it was used just for 3 months. Now it's packed and ready for shipping. Arm comes with aluminum arm bones, inlets. Also included is, a set of 26kg (50lb) springs with spring cables, 19kg (42lb) spring spare set  with cables, new set of spring cables and arm dust/rain cover. Springs are very easy to change. Manual will be sent with arms. Arm is in perfect working condition. With this set all steadicam and trinity needs are covered since it can carry almost any setup. If you wish to change the existing springs setup in the arm, it can be easily done before shipping. Arm comes with the arm bag.

Price is 6200$. 

Arm is based in Dubai. Money transfer cost and shipping cost is paid by buyer.

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 - Artemis Cine SD, 12/24V

 - Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batteries and chargers





whatsapp: +971553245114

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