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     ARRI (Ex-Sachtler) Artemis Cine/HD, specifications (32KB .PDF)


- High-End Professional Camera Stabilization System
- Quick assembling and disassembling, no tools needed
- Ideal for any kind of Professional Standard or High Definition video camera, 16mm, S16mm and 35mm Film or Digital Camera
- Wireless Follow Focus System with two chanelles, asures that everything is always in focus and the Iris or Zoom are controlled wirelessly

- Three Steadicam Arms in the package.There is no need to change springs in the Arm. Capacity range from 5 to 29kg (11 to 64lbs)
- Zoom control for Video lenses is also avilable
- Tally Kit makes operating with video cameras, much easier and more confortable
- With adapter mounts from ARRI, SAM-1, SAM-2 and Chroisziel, Quick Lock Plate™, which are ideal for, ALEXA™, ALEXA LF™, ALEXA Mini™ and ALEXA Mini LF™, there is no jitters, even in running shots
- Rain (Dust) Covers, asures that all equipment is safe in any weather condition
- Custom made Flight Cases and Peli Cases™, asure safe and fast transport with car, airplane, ship,...
- 2,4GHz Transmiter (Tx) and Reciver (Rx), asure wireless and noisless picture viewing on video assist monitor
- Accesories like, D-Bracket, Low Mode Brackets for Video Cameras, Triax Cable, Chroisziel Light Weight Supports™ for Sony Video Cameras, are standard part of Artemis Cine™ package.

- Huge amount of Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batteries, and three chargers, assures uninterrupted power supply for camera itself, and for any steadicam and camera accesories needed.
- Power cables are aveliable for all, ARRI™, RED™, PANAVISION™, MOVIECAM™, Professional Video Cameras, and TERADEK™ transmitters. AJA™ HD10MD3 downconverter is also included in the package.

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