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DOP's View

When you are working as a director of photography, there are many things to do and to take care about it when you are on the film set. And of course, when you are off the film set, to! There is no point to describe it here. Just Google,... Director of Photography or Cinematographer. Or,... I'll make it easier for you - Wikipedia. :)

As a DOP, you see things on the set from different "angles". Sometimes you put camera in this "angles". But usually you don't. :) But most common angle, or a view that a DOP has, especially when he is in charge for cinematography in a multi-camera production, is this one. The view behind the monitors!

Sometimes, when you are not rolling, this views or moments, can be very funny. Very fulfilling. Sometimes this "angle" is a certain kind of firewall, from ugly things happening around you. But most of the times, this view is showing beautiful, shiny and happy people having fun, and than you know,... you are doing a good thing! :))

If you want to see more of DOP's view from the first ever, Pan Arab Telenovella, you can check it here!

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