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TechnoCrane operator,…not!

This was interesting one. It was a TVC for LUX Arabia. We first made a rehearsal shoot. Complete TVC was shoot with all production on set and with all the equipment needed. Techno carne and Arri Trinity included. Unfortunately, cause of the NDA contract I am not allowed to post the rehearsal shoot,.. but it looked good :)

Then came the shoot. Since every producer job is to cut the costs, if possible, without affecting the quality of the final result, the producer asked me, "can we try to mimic techno crane, some how, with Trinity" Well, that is impossible, but I had an idea how to do it, and with help of a key grip Bob Touma, we came pretty close.

He built a rickshaw at Gamma Engineering Rental here in Dubai, from scaffoldings.

Instead of seat, we put a plate, and instead of an arm post being set in the middle, we put arm post on the side and made it quite long. The advantage of a rickshaw set up like this is, that I could stand and rotate the rig during the shot, without any obstacles caused by the rickshaw. And most importantly, I was able to do move faster than running shot, while using all Trinity's features.

we also made a rehearsal at the rental to see if it worked.

It worked! Of course, it couldn't replace the Technocrane, but it had what we needed, and one of the biggest demands on this shoot was fast pace. This was perfect way to do it.

Now, ironically, from all the preps, form all the takes made, this is only one version, for now, that had Trinity shots. Hopefully more versions will come out soon.

Anyway, it was fun, it was nice, it was inspiring, and it worked. This was the first one, how I call it "technocrane move shot" I've done, and soon new one are one the way.... TBC...


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