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EXPO 2020

On 1st of October, the biggest show on earth starts! #EXPO2020 I had a privilege to be a part of it, as #cinematographer of course. First one is "Expo 2020 Dubai and A. R. Rahman Present Firdaus Orchestra" Music video presenting all female symphony orchestra, preforming Turkish March composed by Mozart. Conductor was Yasmina Sabbah. #FirdausOrchestra will perform live throughout EXPO2020 from 1 October 2021 till 31 March 2022, and mark major occasions, including International Women’s Day. Performances will feature either the orchestra as a whole, or smaller configurations such as duets and quartets Produced By: A. R. Rahman, Arrangement Adapted by: Nikolai Managazze, Musical and Creative Lead: Mayssa Karaa

Video Produced by: Expo 2020 Dubai Creative Director: Nazeef Mohammed Director: Yasin Khan DOP: Igor Savatovic Edited by Allan Fernandes, BToS Productions

Second one, is a music video "This is Our Time", the Official Theme Song of #Expo2020 #Dubai.

Director was Courtney Phillips, Executive Producer Nasrallah Saad and video was produced by What If production. DOP was Mik Allen and I had a pleasure to be #ARRItrinity operator on it.

Tickets for expo can be bought on this LINK


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