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Some say,... "Numbers matter"

In film industry, there are two things that matter the most. Time and numbers. Those two bring money, and this is the reason why industries exist. We can debate were is the Art here, but fortunately there is no industry, that is more depending on art, then Film Industry, so quality matters a lot.

This two music videos on YouTube, that I had the privilege to work on are the videos that, by my knowledge, have the most views.

First one is "SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV". A music video by a Superstar K-Pop bend. At this moment it has 106 million views. I had a privilege to be a Trinity Operator on it.

The second one is a Music video by Indian Hip Hop star Divine. The song is named "Rider" an it was directed by Gil Green. At this moment it has 20 Million views. I was steadicam operator on it.


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