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ARRI TRINITY Showreel, 2021

ARRI TRINITY Showreel. Having your footage in it, as an ARRI Trinity operator, is big thing. From all operators around the world, guys at Arri, choose your footage to be in it. I must say I feel very proud and honored about it. As everything there is a little story behind this footage. The footage that ended up in ARRI Showreel is my first ever footage done with Trinity!!! Yes, I had trinity for few weeks, practicing at home like crazy on a daily basis, but I never shot anything before this. And then, one day Rula Bevilacqua, from Tomorrow Film, asked me about my availability with Trinity! And of course I was available, and I was scared, and anxious, and I started to panic, but of course I accepted the job. It was Ramadan commercial for Mini Cooper.

On recce they planned to do a "Oner" but unfortunately, or fortunately for me at that point, it wasn't possible cause of the distances between the scenes. We had a Gear Check day before the shoot, and somehow I managed to balance everything (still remember it, ALEXA Mini and Master Primes) and shooting day came. I was trying very hard to cover my anxiety, checking everything several times, and the first scene came. I must say guys on set, key grip Bob Touma, and most of all, DOP Daniel Tudano had extreme patience and understanding with me. And yes, 1st AD Jaad Sabi was loosing his mind:)) The first scene was tricky. I needed to tilt from the tree, getting the sun and the flares into the lens, kids were running, car was entering the shot, I had to start running and booming down, and get the camera into the boot of the car! Now, I never used joystick in my life. Getting a direction of it was one thing, but getting the speed was pure luck. And as icing on top we have a booming down. I was steadicam operator for 20 years, BUT trinity was absolutely another ball game. Working with steadicam for me is like driving a bicycle, walking,... but trinity, there was to much information to handle. And after, I don't know how many takes, I or better say WE did it. This same first shot I ever did, end it up in ARRI TRINITY Showreel.

Now why my first shot that I did in 2019, not any other shots that I did until 2021? Well, at ARRI, they needed at least 1080p, no compression footage, and honestly I couldn't find it. In general I am very lazy of getting my work after is done, so this, and the fact that I hate editing, is the reason why my personal showreels are done every few years. I managed to find this TVC, and one more. They chose Mini Ramadan, and I must say, again, I am very proud and honored about it.

Enough about ecsuses, here is the ARRI Showreel, which by the way is loaded whit beautiful, unbelievable ARRI Trinity shots. Big respect and congrats to all my colleagues on their amazing work.

...and this my TVC that managed to get into the showreel...

...and at the end, this the link to the story I wrote 4 years ago about me becoming acquainted the Trinity, and with few BTS pics from this shoot.


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